TTV Architects, Inc. was involved in the remodeling of 800 sf of existing office space which included the expansion of the existing corridor and installing new storefront window assemblies and finishes. This corridor expansion included the conversion of five small offices into additional open space. The existing window assemblies were long and narrow, not taking advantage of the natural lighting and landscape. Therefore, a few were removed and replaced with larger storefront assemblies.

To give the space a sense of warmth and a clear visual separation between the corridor and the workspace, the structural columns, bracing, and ceiling system were enhanced with a rich wood veneer. The spacing of the structural elements naturally created bays, allowing for different types of furniture to be utilized. The remodeling encourages different types of faculty and student fraternization, ranging from individual work, to different sizes of group collaboration.

TTV Architects Featured in Ascent Magazine

The Pensacola Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Pensacola, FL, was plagued by water-intrusion issues for nearly 20 years. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) decided to evacuate the building, in order to complete a major renovation. GSA’s goals included improving the aesthetics of the building, says Christopher Noel, senior vice president of TTV Architects in Jacksonville, FL. “It had to present the image of a United States Courthouse-to have that sense of permanence about it,” says Noel.

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